HEINEKEN Achieving Ambitious CO2 Reductions


HEINEKEN Ireland, under the guidance of the global ‘Brew a Better World’ strategy, has set a number of ambitious emission-based targets across production, distribution and refrigeration as part of its Origin Green sustainability plan. This Sustainability Strategy also includes commitments on Responsible Consumption, Sustainable Sourcing, Health & Safety and Growing with Communities.


Within its production facility, the company aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% per hectolitre (hl) over 2008 levels. It set about achieving this target under its global carbon reduction programme titled ‘Drop the C’, by growing its share of renewable thermal energy and electricity. HEINEKEN’s Cork site followed suit by converting to 100% renewable electricity. By transitioning over to a renewable source, the company far exceeded its original reduction target of 40% per hl to achieve a reduction of 58% in 2018.


Replacing its forklift fleet with new electrically powered forklift trucks at the brewery in the heart of Cork City has delivered a reduction in carbon footprint of 112 tonnes per year. This is the equivalent of taking almost 10 family cars off the road. In addition, the initiative also increased on site safety and noise reduction.

Another project of note is the replacement of the lighting system across its production line, achieving significant energy consumption of 400,000 KwH while also delivering an unexpected safety benefit as the LED system meant that previously dark areas of the production line were now extremely well lit, addressing another key pillar their Sustainability Strategy - Health and Safety.


Under refrigeration, HEINEKEN Ireland converted 100% of fridges to ‘green fridges’. All HEINEKEN ‘green fridges’ have three characteristics: they use a hydrocarbon refrigerant, are LED illuminated and have an energy management system, resulting in a 45% increase in energy efficiency.


HEINEKEN also achieved its distribution reduction target of 20%, three years ahead of the globally set target. This was done through working on its distribution activities and improving the efficiency of route to market and delivery.


HEINEKEN Ireland is committed to continuing on the path to be a truly green brewer and playing its part in becoming a more sustainable enterprise within the community we operate.

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