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Pat Redmond - Beef, Tillage and Vegetables

Brothers Pat and Tom Redmond own a large farm business spanning 120 hectares of grassland, tillage and vegetable crops. Their beef enterprise focuses on the rearing of over 500 Angus-cross heifer calves each spring. These cattle are carried through to finish in a coordinated manner so as to consistently produce 10 high-quality heifers per week.

The resulting cuts of beef are supplied to the family’s two hotels in Gorey; the Ashdown Park and the Amber Springs. Both destinations have earned a reputation for excellent dining, featuring the Redmonds’ tender beef, their own potatoes and other vegetables. The vast majority of the cattle’s feed is grown on-farm, including grass silage, maize silage, fodder beet and cereals. All heifers receive a period of supplementary feeding prior to finish, to promote marbling and consistent eating quality.


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