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About the company

From its inception in 2011, Bia Ganbreise Teo has offered gluten-free baking to the Irish market and its commercial customer base. It has been producing for large national brands such as Kelkin and Supervalu Free From, as well as smaller brands that have entered the market in the last five years.

Bia Ganbreise Teo also produces its own branded product, Bia's Brands, including Gookies (chilled cookie dough and baked biscuits for retail and for catering); Bia's Brownies (rich brownies for the retail market); and Florentines (both in retail and catering packs). Bia Ganbreise Teo is looking to expand its own range and that of its partners, with products starting to infiltrate the export market.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Local and Responsible Sourcing:

Bia Ganbreise Teo have set a target of reducing their raw material food miles in per tonne output by 20% by 2022 by moving to local suppliers.

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Bia Ganbreise Teo have committed to increasing their certified organic products to 20% of their product output by kg, by the year 2022. Commitment to Social Sharing of Knowledge: Bia Ganbreise Teo will provide at least 7 local school engagements each year up to 2022 on the topic of healthy eating and gluten awareness.


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