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About the company

12 Acres Brewing Company is a new craft brewery located in Clonmore, Killeshin, Co. Laois. It has been set up by brothers Patrick, Ian, Barry & Rory McDonald on their family farm. The 12 Acres field on our farm is where we have been growing malting barley for the brewing industry for generations. Now we are craft brewing our own beer and we’ve named it after one of the fields where the barley is grown.

12 Acres Brewing company is the first craft brewery in Ireland that can provide traceability for its malting barley. This is possible due to our long-standing relationship with our local malting company. We are also brewing with our own spring water, which originates from a source deep beneath the same land. This source is fed by the limestone aquifer of the Barrow Valley region which is known for its high quality water and produces a water chemistry ideally suited to brewing.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Biodiversity

12 Acres have set a new target of creating a new habitat for local pollinators by 2022. This involves setting aside a designated piece of land close to the brewery to allow natural and organic vegetation, flora and fauna to grow and provide nectar for pollination.

Committed to Reducing their Environmental Impact

They have committed to the reduction of water use by 25%, per unit produced by 2022. They will install a new IBC in 2018 to harvest Reverse Osmosis waste water.

Focus on Social Responsibility

12 Acres intend to carry out one Drink Aware Initiative each year of the plan to promote Responsible Alcohol consumption. They have set a target to create a webpage on their website to promote the Drink Aware initiative.






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