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About the company

Dublin City Gin is a premium Irish handcrafted London dry style gin from husband and wife team Jim O’Connor & Sheila Cooney. Produced in small batches of only 600 bottles, the recipe is prepared by hand, which includes organic rhubarb grown along the Grand Canal in Dublin itself.

Irish Milk Spirit provides the ideal base for their cherished recipe giving that extra silky finish. It has been acclaimed for quality and taste as an award-winning gin both at home and abroad. Established in 2016, now with over 12 medals, this Irish Gin with a Dublin Accent was most recently awarded Gold super premium at the Global Gin Masters.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Dublin City Gin aim to source 50% of their botanicals from Irish Suppliers by 2020 and go 100% Organic by 2022. They will also obtain their own dedicated allotment area to grow other botanicals with juniper, peppers and coriander being researched.

Reducing their Environmental Impact

Designs are being put in place to reduce Dublin City Gin’s carbon footprint through an updated bottle design. Aiming for weight reduction to save in raw materials and primarily seeking a reduction in shipping requirements will also see savings in costs. This is likely to save 30-40% on the present cost for each individual pallet with reduced requirements for oversea courier services.

Committed to Sustainable Procurement Policies:

Dublin City Gin are committed to sourcing their distilling requirements from Origin Green Verified Members by 2019 and will continue to do so over the 5 year plan.