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About the company

Harvest Distilling and Brewing Ltd is part of Na Cuana, a family owned Irish company at the forefront of craft beverages in Ireland.

Located in Drogheda Boann Distillery is a art distillery producing a range of triple distilled Irish single malt and Irish pot still whiskey from three handmade bespoke copper pot stills. From “Grain to Glass” crafted within the distillery ensuring the production of whiskey and Gin of great character with a unique provenance and a real sense of place.

Co-Located Boyne Brewhouse has a three vessel 35HL Kaspar Schulz brewhouse at its heart and uses traditional brewing methods, the finest raw materials and Boyne Valley well water to brew award winning craft brews with passion in the Boyne Valley.

Boann Distillery

Boyne Brewhouse

Key Sustainability Commitments

Promoting Biodiversity

Harvest Distilling and Brewing Ltd will create a landscaped area containing gin botanicals and brewing herbs and native Irish planting in 2018 and develop an education piece around the plantings in 2019.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Harvest Distilling and Brewing Ltd have set a target of having 80% of all raw materials coming from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2020.



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