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About the company

James O’Donoghue and his family have been producing some of Ireland’s finest cider apples for many years in the Longways Orchard, located just outside Carrick-on-Suir in the countryside of Southeast Tipperary.

Longways Cider is produced in harmony with nature, combining the ancient traditions of cider making with the latest production techniques. The process starts with the careful management of the soils of the orchard, coupled with dedicated care, maintenance and plant husbandry to grow the perfect apples. The orchard is also home to sixteen Irish honeybee colonies that pollinate the orchard.

As a verified member of Origin Green, through the programme and it’s Sustainability Charter, Longways Cider have identified several targets to enhance their interaction with the natural habitat of their orchard and deepen the connection they have with their customers through the sustainable production of this craft cider. The Origin Green Manufacturing Charter requires a member to set a number of targets along the three pillars of raw materials sourcing, manufacturing processes, and social sustainability.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Materials Sourcing

Source the few raw materials used in cider production, from suppliers with recognised sustainable certificates producers wherever possible. Bramley apples are used to adjust ph at the blending stage. A target has been set to replace this raw material by growing a high-acid apple variety which can be used to produce a cider with the perfect acidity.

Manufacturing Processes

Reduction of energy by replacing pumped liquid transfers with gravity flow transfers thereby eliminating the requirement for electricity. The current water source is a private well. A recirculation system is to be installed to reduce the amount of water used in specific cleaning processes. Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill through a carefully managed crop system.Introduction of lightweight bottles to reduce fuel usage during transport and distribution.Improving biodiversity by encouraging both pollinating and predator species.

Social Sustainability

Establishment of a wetland ecosystem treatment system for the processing of organic waste.Create a responsible drinking campaign on advertising material and through social media. Develop an ongoing education system on the environmental and social impact of cider making. This will be based on a digital content strategy.



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