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About the company

Bella Bites was founded by Cliona Hegarty, a former teacher who lost her job during Ireland's most recent recession. With a keen interest in health and wellness, Cliona began to make changes to her routine and noticed how cleaning up her diet had a big impact on her energy, mood and overall sense of well-being.

Frustrated with the limited range of on-the-go snacks available, Cliona carried around little homemade treats in her bag. When inquisitive friends tasted and complimented the fruits of her labour, she knew she had something special. Her friends then started ordering their own weekly snacks from Cliona, and a business was born.

Today, Cliona is committed to making delicious and healthy convenience products. She has thrown herself into the business and works hard to expand growth. Now surrounded by an experienced and skilful team, Cliona is excited to bring her unique treats to a wider market.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Bella Bites is committed to developing 100% compostable packaging by 2022.

Focus on Health & Nutrition

Bella Bites is committed to developing their range of healthy products and will double their offering from 3 products to 6 products by 2022.


Spade Enterprise Centre


Dublin 7



Tel: +353876677917

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