The Nestbox Egg Company

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Approved until 31 May 2020



About the company

For over two generations, our families, the McGuinness' and Eivers', have been delivering cracking good eggs throughout Ireland. Over 50 years ago Paddy McGuinness started his egg delivery business on his bicycle with his basket piled high with delicious eggs.

Bernard Eiver started the business with just 150 free range hens back in 1985. With the next generation of the family at the helm, Brian Eivers and Adrienne McGuinness hatched a plan to make Golden Irish Eggs the brightest, boldest, and sunniest you can eat.

All of our eggs are 100% Bord Bia approved, come from 26 local Republic of Ireland farming families and are the tastiest you'll find anywhere in Ireland. The company employs over 60 staff who grade and distribute over three and a half million eggs per week to supermarkets and businesses throughout Ireland and abroad.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

We are aiming to have 92% of our Free Range production sourced from houses with >4000 avg. hens, thus improving our supply chain sustainability and reducing energy and fuel costs.

Commitment to Energy Reduction:

We are aiming to reduce energy usage through staff awareness, the regular monitoring of energy usage, the installation of new energy efficient lighting, and through investment in more energy efficient machinery.

Committed to Waste Reduction:

We will reduce our waste by utilising Class B Eggs through further processing.

Social Sustainability:

We are providing work experience opportunities and work placement opportunities within the community.

Health & Nutrition:

Creating consumer health and nutrition awareness by providing nutritional information for our products on our company website.