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About the company

Nutramara Ltd. is a 100% Irish owned and operated biotechnology company based in County Kerry on the west coast of Ireland. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean within the mild climatic Gulf Stream, an abundant and diverse aquatic flora is ensured. From this ideal location, Nutramara are producing innovative and high purity marine ingredients from sustainably harvested wild, organic seaweed.

Their main focus is on the production of a Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) extract called fucoidan which can be easily incorporated in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods & beverages. Backed by science, there are thousands of peer reviewed publications to support the benefits of fucoidan in areas such as gut and digestive health, immune modulation, anti-inflammation, cardiovascular health and anti-cancer.

The Nutramara team are dedicated to creating a globally recognised marine biorefinery. This biorefinery concept ensures that the full potential of marine biomass is maximised in a zero waste process, creating superior quality marine ingredients that are fully traceable from coast to customer.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Ensure Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials

Become zero waste by utilizing a biorefinery process Maintain chemical free processing Participate in community initiatives Promote the benefits of marine ingredients to the general public


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