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About the company

Established in 1984, Cooley Oysters is a privately-owned company. Its core business is producing oysters of the highest quality. Cooley Oysters are an export focused business. The oysters are sourced from Class A nutrient rich waters in Ireland with full traceability from shore to market. Cooley have a wealth of experience and heritage as they have been oyster farming on their site for over 30 years. Cooley Oysters are specialists in Irish Rock Oysters (Crassostrea gigas), Standards and Speciales. As an Origin Green Verified company, Cooley are committed to supplying high quality, sustainable Irish products.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Reducing Waste:

Cooley Oysters reuses all empty oyster shell to maintain access routes and plan to investigate the feasibility of supplying shell to local farmers as a calcium supplement for chicken feed,

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Oysters are a naturally healthy source of protein rich in nutrients and minerals required for healthy growth and maintaining a strong immune system. Ensuring the health and safety of their oysters is one of the most important aspects of Cooley Oyster's company. They carry out a number of different sampling regimes to ensure that oysters are virus and disease-free (e.g. sampling for E. coli and Noro virus). They depurate our oysters when requested by clients and only harvest during open season






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