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About the company

Connemara Food Ventures (CFV) is an Irish food ingredients company specialising in bio-active and wellness products. The company's commitment is to develop foods and ingredients that bring out the best flavours, are high in energy, and nutritious. In short, its quest is to make food healthier. The range has been developed for use in bread, pasta, chocolate, cheese, soups and stews, and products are packed in both foodservice and commercial formats.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Connemara Food Ventures are aiming to source 100% of their seaweed raw materials from certified organic sustainable suppliers by 2022.

Focus on Sustainable Packaging

Connemara Food Ventures have replaced plastic packaging with paper bag packaging for certain products. They are continuously investigating sustainable packaging technologies and sources.

Enhancing Local Biodiversity

As part of the Biodiversity Enrichment Programme, Connemara Food Ventures have committed to planting 100 native deciduous trees and installing 70 bird boxes on their site, between 2018-2021. As part of the same programme, Connemara Food Ventures are also working to create and develop new habitats for frogs on their production site.


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