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About the company

Kish Fish is a family run business which was established in Dublin in 1966. As a progressive seafood supplier, we deliver the finest seafood to restaurants and corporations across Dublin and Leinster. Additionally, we have 4 retail shops with a friendly team of fishmongers from the local area ready to assist our customers.

We are excited to launch “Baily & Kish” our Organic Irish Smoked Salmon and have spared no effort to ensure that our smokehouse in Howth, the heart of fishing in Ireland, brings your customers the finest, freshest quality Irish organic smoked salmon.

Key Sustainability Commitments

100% organic salmon from Irish waters; Sea bass and sea bream are from sustainable sources (Global Gap/MSC certified).

In 2017, Kish Fish implemented LED lighting in their entire Head Office and factory location. In 2018 they are focusing on water supply and reduction. They are on track with our goal to reach 50% of sustainable energy sources by 2020.

Kish Fish is committed to curtailing single-use plastics in our business. To this end, plastic boxes from customers are re-used and recycled to reduce landfill waste.

Our fishing partners participate in Fishing for Litter, an initiative to reduce the amount of marine litter in our seas by physically removing it.”



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