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About the company

After many years researching the marine environment and delighting in the foods that it produces, Paul O'Connor thought it was time to share what he had learned about the culinary journey from shore to kitchen and help consumers understand how the nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic are a rich source of delicious, nutritious and super healthy products.

‘This is Seaweed’ high quality seaweed products are harvested by hand and dried under strictly controlled conditions to ensure they are packed to perfection and ready to enjoy at your convenience. Each seaweed in the range has its own suite of beneficial properties – the unique combinations of vitamins and minerals that make them ‘superfoods’.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

This is Seaweed have committed to working with the Irish Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) to maintain organic status to continue producing high quality seaweed products up to 2020. They have also committed to sourcing 40% of seaweed from aquaculture (seeded lines) by 2022.

Social Commitment to Share Knowledge:

This is Seaweed will give 15 awareness talks about beach litter in support of projects at music festivals and other events by 2020 Focus on Health and Nutrition: This is Seaweed have committed to releasing 6 videos on the health & nutritional benefits of seaweed by 2020 targeting primary and post-primary school children. They will also launch 2 new product blends with benefits regarding healthy aging by 2020



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