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Dairy Industry Ireland

Dairy Industry Ireland

Dairy Industry Ireland (DII) is leading the way in providing a forum for our industry to address highly difficult and complex environmental legislation at factory level. Dairy Industry Ireland represents the interests of Ireland’s primary and secondary dairy processors, including the specialised nutrition sector, through a comprehensive information and advice service, and representation at national, EU and international level.

DII engage in the policy and regulation formation and implementation process to ensure that industry competitiveness is enhanced, running a range of industry committees to ensure full involvement and expertise. They are dedicated to the success and economic sustainability of their members as they work diligently to strengthen Ireland’s reputation as a global dairy leader. DII are driven to cultivate fair and favourable business conditions that enable their members to prosper and deliver robust representation across a range of fora.

Working for their members
Dairy Industry Ireland are committed to the success of their members as they work to assert Ireland's position as the standard bearer for sustainable dairy processing. Through their engagement with National, EU and International policy makers, they are centrally placed to be the authoritative voice on the Business of Dairy Processing in Ireland, advocating to secure Policy, Regulatory and Trading conditions that will enable members to achieve their strategic and commercial objectives. 

Membership of a Global network
DII contributes to the competitiveness of the Irish dairy industry through its membership of this global network of trade associations including the European Dairy Association (EDA), Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE), the International Special Dietary Foods Industries (ISDI) and the International Dairy Federation (IDF). These associations have excellent links with European and International Institutions and together form the key business and regulatory representations channels for the dairy processing sector.


Visit Dairy Industry Ireland for more information https://www.dairyindustryireland.com/