FoodCloud works with retailers and food manufacturing businesses with the objective of rescuing as much good quality food from the supply chain, prioritising feeding people before looking at other disposal options.

FoodCloud is dedicated to making surplus food rescue and redistribution, affordable and scalable for the food industry who from often find that they have too much.

Since its inception in 2012, the equivalent of 37.5 million meals has been rescued by FoodCloud using their technology-based solution to track the tonnage of food saved, across Ireland and the UK.

As an Origin Green Partner, FoodCloud’s tech-based solution allows business to measure their impact in terms of surplus and the charities and communities benefiting from the donations, which helps Origin Green members track key KPI’s towards achieving their sustainability goals.

FoodCloud works very closely with the EPA on their StopFoodWaste initiative and were central to the launch of the Food Waste Charter in 2013.

How it works:








If you are interested in donating surplus through FoodCloud, please contact John Pakenham, Business Development Manager