Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency

Over the past decade, BIM, Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, has undertaken a considerable amount of work to drive sustainability in Ireland’s Seafood Sector. BIM continues to work closely with this diverse €1 billion industry and our coastal communities to ensure environmental sustainability is central to the future growth of this valuable sector.

As an Origin Green partner, BIM assists companies at each step along the way to achieve their sustainability goals. Working with companies from initial applications to supporting companies in devising sustainability plans, setting achievable targets, and tracking progress each year over their five-year plans. BIM’s expert staff deliver technical workshops at vessel and processor level to specifically assist the catching sector with sustainable raw material sourcing, e.g. through membership in the Responsibly Sourced Seafood Standard and the four National Fisheries Improvement Projects.

Ireland’s Seafood Sector has worked hard to implement sustainability programmes and has achieved a great deal with an excess of 50 seafood companies now verified members of the Origin Green programme. There are more than 20 additional seafood companies registered to the programme.

BIM manages a range of schemes and environmental standards that are tailored to Fisheries, Aquaculture and Processing including, ECOPACTCertified Quality Aquaculture (CQA) programme , Responsibly Sourced Seafood standardFishery Improvement ProjectsFishing for Litter and the BIM Green Seafood Business Programme.

BIM’s Green Seafood Business Programme has successfully assisted seafood processors to achieve greater efficiencies in energy, water and waste reduction. This was achieved through staff engagement, conducting on-site resource efficiency assessments, and by organising cross-sectoral “Origin Green Knowledge-Sharing” visits for seafood processors in conjunction with Bord Bia. A tailored Resource Efficiency Guide for Seafood Producers outlining actions that can be taken to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations is freely available on the BIM website.

BIM is proud to work in partnership with Bord Bia to ensure a sustainable future for the country’s fisheries, aquaculture and processing businesses. Find out more about BIM’s Sustainability programme.