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Irish Farmers Association

Irish Farms Association

The Irish Farms Association (IFA) is Ireland’s largest farming representative organisation. IFA have protected and defended the interests of Irish farmers in all sectors for more than 60 years. They represent Irish farmers at home and in Europe, lobbying and campaigning for improved conditions and incomes for farm families. They also provide representation, support, and advice to members on an individual basis. IFA is a democratic association, organised in branches, County Executive and National Committees. Through their democratic structure, each member can have their say.

The IFA operates the Smart Farming programme with the EPA, which focuses on resource efficiency at farm level. They help guide and support farmers to change farming practices. Farmers that participated in Smart Farming in 2020 identified average cost savings of €5,600 and average greenhouse gas emission reductions of 9 per cent. “Smart Farming demonstrates that improving efficiency can deliver significant cost savings as well as emission reductions, without negatively impacting productivity on farms,” says the IFA President.

For more information visit https://www.ifa.ie/ and  https://smartfarming.ie/