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Repak - Recycling and Recovery

Repak is a business-led compliance scheme licensed by the Irish government to collectively fund the recovery and recycling of packaging on behalf of Irish producers. Through Repak, participating members have diverted more than 10 million tonnes of packaging waste from landfill since 1997.

Repak charges fees to its members in accordance with the amount and type of packaging they place on the Irish market. Member fees are used to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators across Ireland. Over the last 20 years, members have helped to grow packaging recycling and recovery from under 15% in 1997 to 90% in 2016.

Repak works in partnership with Origin Green to ensure that compliance with the packaging waste regulations is a key consideration for Origin Green members. Repak also works with Origin Green to help reduce the quantity of packaging waste created in Ireland and to help Origin Green members with packaging design that maximises recycling.

Businesses that optimise their packaging benefit in a number of ways:

  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging used.

  • Innovate through the use of environmentally friendly lighter weight materials.

  • Reduce energy costs by consuming less energy when packaging products.

Repak recently held a seminar in conjunction with Origin Green and University College Cork to discuss the issues in relation to meat packaging design and recycling. The seminar included leading meat processors, retailers, and packaging suppliers from the meat sector.

“We have now entered a new era in the environmental management of packaging and plastic waste packaging in particular. The new Circular Economy Package and the Circular Economy Plastic Strategy now require us all to re-evaluate how we manage our plastic packaging waste.

As a result Repak are looking for the support of our members in signing up to Repak’s Pledge on Plastic Packaging Waste. Your pledge will help Ireland to achieve these targets and therefore make a real difference in achieving the vision as set for a plastics economy for Ireland and Europe.”

Click here to download and sign Repak's pledge on plastic packaging waste.


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