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The Large Water Users Community of Practice

The National Large Water Users Community of Practice (CoP) was established in 2013 with the support of the EPA under the Green Enterprise Call. The network currently has a membership of over 200 of the largest production and service facilities across Ireland along with key national stakeholders and development agencies such as Origin Green, EPA, Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Irish Water and BIM.

The focus of the Large Water Users CoP on collective action and collaborative R&D initiatives that support large water users act as catalysts for the greater adoption of water stewardship practices across their value chains and thereby reframe the industry’s water challenges into a key part of its national competitiveness.

The National Large Water Users CoP collaborate with Origin Green members and other organisations across Ireland to provide support and assistance to firms to address corporate water stewardship in their operations. The main components of the programme are:

  • Member focused quarterly meetings and a forum for exchanging new ideas around corporate water stewardship
  • A suite of innovative supports and tools to help firms reduce their water use and address water related risks at their sites
  • Access to grant-aided Water Stewardship training subsidised by Skillnet and the Department of Education
  • Assistance in addressing financial, reputational, regulatory and operational water challenges 

The establishment and ongoing operation of the initiative is managed by Central Solutions, an Irish firm recognised internationally as a leader in the area of water stewardship programmes and tools for both public and private sector clients.


For more information and to join the Large Water Users Community of Practice, please visit: