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How it works

On-farm assessments constitute a key component of the Origin Green programme. The rollout of sustainability assessments at farm level has been made possible by Bord Bia’s pre-existing Quality Assurance infrastructure, which has been in place for over twenty years. Traditionally, these assessments have focused on traceability, animal health & welfare, and general environmental issues, with an overarching focus on food safety. All of these elements are still relevant from a sustainability perspective. The Sustainable Assurance Schemes expands the scope and depth of sustainability measures tracked in order to ensure that Origin Green delivers an assessment system which measures what matters.

Progress to date...

Since the launch of Origin Green, the Irish food, drink and horticulture sectors have made important progress in driving sustainable food production.

At farm level, there are over 53,000 members of Bord Bia’s Sustainable Assurance Schemes for beef and lamb farmers (92% of beef produced), dairy farmers (95% of milk produced), horticulture (70% of horticulture) and egg (95% of eggs), which are aligned to Origin Green.

Throughout the country, over 100 independent auditors, working on behalf of Bord Bia, undertake 650 weekly engagements on farm as part of these programmes. In addition to quality, the sustainability criteria measured and monitored are greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, water use, energy efficiency, soil management and socio-economic factors.

Over 260,000 carbon assessments have taken place on beef and dairy farms over a five-year period. As per Origin Green’s Progress Update report farms that joined the Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS) in 2014 saw an average of 5% reduction in CO2 per unit of beef produced and farms that joined Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) in 2014 saw an average of 9% reduction in CO2 per unit of milk produced.

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Ireland’s seafood industry contributed €1.22 billion to the Irish economy in GDP terms in 2019. It currently employs over 16,000 men and women, directly and indirectly, and is an important source of employment in rural coastal communities in Ireland. The industry is committed to meeting the targets set out in the Food Wise 2025 strategy by continuing to focus on sustainable fishing practices and the development of a high quality aquaculture sector.

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Origin Green collaborates with over 53,000 farms and 320 leading Irish food and drink companies to prove and improve the sustainability of the food they produce to meet the evolving needs of global customers and consumers. Verified Origin Green members account for 90% of our food and drink exports and over 70% of the retail market. Becoming an Origin Green member means that your organisation will have the tools to produce food and drink in a sustainable manner now and into the future.

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