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Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Agriculture

A sustainable supply chain begins with raw materials, in food production it begins with sustainable agriculture. Origin Green covers every part of the supply chain; from farms to processors, through to manufacturers and exporters.

Origin Green measures sustainability on Ireland's farms through the Irish Food Board's (Bord Bia’s) Sustainable Assurance Schemes. Accredited by Carbon Trust (PAS 2050) and to ISO: 17065, the Sustainable Assurance Schemes are responsible for 800 farm audits each week providing 25 million data points on the performance of farm sustainability throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Grass fed livestock


Eighty percent of Ireland’s agricultural area is devoted to grasslands—with a yearly grass growth rate that exceeds the European average by more than a third. A temperate climate and plenty of rainfall makes Ireland naturally suited to grass-based farming systems.

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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare has been built into the Origin Green programme from the beginning. More than 100 farm auditors undertake 800 independent farm audits each week. During these audits, farms are assessed to ensure animals are being treated to a standard that meets or exceeds animal welfare regulation.

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Carbon Footprint Assessments

Through the Origin Green programme, carbon footprint assessments take place on 17,000 dairy farms and 50,000 beef farms across Ireland every 18 months. The assessment is accredited to the Carbon Trust PAS 2050 standard and measures key information relating to a farms carbon output.

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