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Approved until 31 October 2022



About the company

Aldi opened its first stores in Ireland in 1999 and has been the fastest growing supermarket in Ireland for most of the last ten years. It employs 4,500 people through its national network of 145 stores and two Regional Distribution Centres.

Emphasising Aldi's commitment to pursuing sustainable business practices, Aldi has signed up to the Origin Green sustainability charter and developed a comprehensive sustainability plan that sets out targets in areas such as sustainable sourcing, health and nutrition, social responsibility, waste emissions and energy.

"At Aldi we have a long-standing awareness of our responsibility to the environment and to reducing our environmental footprint. Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of doing business, particularly in the production of food and drink. We have set ourselves significant targets that will raise the standards right across our business and ensure sustainability remains at the forefront of our business for many years."

Giles Hurley, CEO Aldi UK and Ireland

To read about Aldi's Origin Green commitments visit https://www.aldi.ie

Key Sustainability Commitments

· Increase the amount of Irish suppliers by 10% by 2021

· 100% of our own label packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2022

· Maintain 100% of our energy from renewable sources

· Increase our responsibly sourced products in the areas of palm oil, cocoa and fish

· Maintain zero waste direct to landfill

· 100% of fresh poultry, pork, beef and lamb sold in our stores are sourced from Bord Bia's Quality Assurance Schemes

· Maintain ISO 50001 energy management accreditation

· 50% of our Irish listed food suppliers will be verified Origin Green Members by 2021