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About the company

Tesco is one of Ireland's leading retailers with 151 stores and two distribution centres nationwide. As a leading food retailer, Tesco is one of the biggest private sector employers in Ireland employing over 13,000 colleagues across the country. We are committed to achieving maximum sustainability in all our operations and we continue to work to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business.

Being a sustainable business is very important to us and we're proud to support the communities in which we serve. In becoming a member of Origin Green, Tesco has set out a sustainability plan that targets key operational, sourcing, health and nutrition and social responsibility targets. In committing to the Origin Green sustainability charter the structure provides meaningful goals which are independently verified on an ongoing basis.

Key Sustainability Commitments

In becoming a member we've shared commitments on how we will:
- Work with Irish suppliers and source the very best products from them

- Reduce energy usage and carbon emissions across our business

- Minimise food waste

- Support our customers to lead healthier lives

- Continue to give back to the communities we serve.